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Welcome to Meadows Primary School

Brave Curious Self-Directed Collaborative

Meadows Primary is an amazing place to send your children to, for their learning and their future.

Staff here are highly collaborative, very professionally skilful and tirelessly committed to ensuring every child succeeds to the best of their ability.

Families care deeply about learning for their children.  Parents work in engaged partnership with the school to create a caring community for all learners.

You can expect your child to be at standard or above in the core curriculum areas.  More importantly, they will have opportunity to engage in learning that prepares them to question, think, and predict.  The learning at Meadows builds students critical and creative thinking to establish them as assets to the world of work.

Students who graduate from Meadows are independent, articulate young people who very ably have a say on issues of importance to them and others.  They are also caring, respectful, and collaborative young people.  They show kindness to children who are different and nurture younger students in the school as a integral aspect of the learning.

Your child will receive the best all round education that we can provide in enacting our school vision  to ensure they are Community Connected and Globally Prepared.  Here they will have endless opportunities and encouragement to become brave, curious, collaborative and self-directed learners.

We look forward to working with you in the all round development of your child.


Yours sincerely,

Gaynor Steele